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Heathfields Infant & Wilnecote Junior

Heathfields Infant & Wilnecote Junior

Autumn Term Y4

Please see our Parent Planner for Autumn 2: Playlist Parent Planner which is full of exciting project ideas for our topic Playlist! If you choose to complete a project, please bring this in no later than the 15th December. We look forward to seeing your exciting projects!

Year 4 would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! See you in 2022!
Year 4 really enjoyed making our Christmassy cubes in maths on Wednesday afternoon! (Unbeknown to us, our teachers had some chocolates ready to put inside our finished cubes! )
Class White were furious with Buddy, he painted all over Miss Paskin’s English display! 
Year 4 enjoyed learning to sing Happy Birthday in different languages. Cumpleaños Feliz!
Year 4 have been learning to mix different primary and tertiary colours to create various new shades. We really enjoyed creating our colour wheels!
Year 4 have worked so hard on their suspense stories and we loved hearing their final pieces. Well done everyone!
Year 4 had fun on Forest Friday. The first challenge for class Morpurgo was to follow instructions when blindfolded.
Year 4 were given the task to create a stand for their water container. They had lots of fun bringing their ideas to life! Well done to the boys who were the first to complete it!
Class White loved Forest Friday! We took part in a STEM challenge where we used elastic bands and string with our teamwork skills to transport water in a cup from one side of the playground to the other!
Class White were shocked by Buddy the Elf today! He had put all of the children on the Nice list and all of the teachers on the Naughty list!
Well done to all of our amazing bands who participated in Class Factor on Innovate Day!
We started our Innovate Day by writing songs ready to compete in Class Factor in the afternoon!
On Tuesday, Year 4 were busy making our musical instruments in preparation for our exciting Innovate Day on Thursday!
On Friday morning, we worked hard to practice our inferencing skills. Our teachers acted out some scenes with clumsy and annoying characters first, and then we had our turn with our Cursed Castle story. It was so much fun!
We enjoyed identifying and thinking of a range of nouns and pronouns around the room before applying this to our suspense stories in English on Thursday!
Today, year 4 have been sorting shapes based on their properties in our woodland maths session! We are great at geometry!
We really enjoyed our final science lesson of this term whilst exploring how far sounds travels! We used a range of objects and our teacher walked away from us to see how far the different sounds travelled. The triangle travelled 66 metres!
We were very intrigued when looking at the Torah and the Torah Scroll whilst studying Judaism in R.E.! We couldn't believe how much writing is in there!
We enjoyed investigating the different pitches created by different objects and testing the frequencies made by different elastic bands!
Building on our scientific understanding of sound and electricity, we investigated which properties of different materials allowed them to block sound. Our buzzers were very loud and only the fabric seemed to muffle the sound!
Year 4 loved being creative and using our artistic skills to create some blackout poetry for remembrance day!
After working really hard on our acrostic poems over the last two weeks, we really enjoyed listening to some piano music whilst focusing on using our best handwriting to publish our writing!
We really enjoyed our first woodland maths lesson after half-term, we used our subtraction knowledge to complete calculations in the column method and to solve word problems too!
Building on our learning from our first science lesson on electricity, we then moved on to looking at whether different materials were conductors or insulators. We concluded that metal is a good conductor whereas none of the other materials were! We even managed to use our scissors as a switch to turn the light bulb on and off!
Our science during this topic is amazing! We have been learning about electricity and which components are needed in order to make a circuit, we created our own circuits and have been able to make a light bulb light up, a buzzer make a noise and make a motor spin a propeller!
We did brilliantly with comparing amounts of money using more than, less than and equal to symbols whilst using the coins to help us!

Autumn 2- Playlist!

Class White were so proud of ourselves for winning the TTRS competition today with a whopping 10,679 correct answers throughout the day! We also had the top scorer in our class with 2,084 correct answers alone! Miss Paskin is so proud of all of you!
As well as TTRS, we really enjoyed putting our computing skills to the test and publishing our travel brochures in year 4, we can’t wait for you to read them!
Class Fine are having a rocking time with Mr Litobarksi this morning!
Class Morpurgo really have been rockstars during this term! We look amazing!
Class White loved TT Rockstar day! We looked so cool!
To show that we were really proud of our writing, Class White shared our travel brochures with our friends ready to publish them on Friday!
This superstar Year 4 brought in one of the biggest pumpkins we have ever seen that he has grown himself! The best part is, this isn't even the biggest one!
We started our final week before half-term by taking part in some mountain rescue! We really enjoyed becoming mountain rescuers this afternoon and saving our casualties with devastating injuries!
Year 4 have really enjoyed their woodland maths this afternoon whilst practicing multiplying using the grid method!
Do worms sense danger? That was Year 4's investigation on Tuesday. We mixed different substances with soil to see which environment the worms prefer. We will find out the results at the end of the week!
Year 4 have had a brilliant week for science this week! On Monday, Year 4 investigated the question: how does water flood? We used a pipe to work out which material would make the best dam to prevent flooding. Our conclusion was that gravel was the best as this held back the water for 12 seconds!
Wow! Look at how many children read 4x or more this week in Year 4!


Finally, in Class Fine, we discovered that it would take 14 hours and 26 minutes to travel from Wilnecote to the Alps by car! I think we will stick to travelling by train or plane!
In Class Morpurgo, through our research we found out that the Alps was formed a whopping 770 million years ago!
In Class White, we found out that the Rocky Mountains stretch for 3,000 miles from New Mexico!
Innovate Day! During our Innovate Day, we became Mountaineers and started our day by researching a specific mountain range in a small group.
We really enjoyed learning how to weave when learning about the Adi Tribe!
We really enjoyed acting out different scenarios whilst exploring consequences and rewards of our actions in PSHE!


We really enjoyed our first Woodland Maths this week! Mrs Springall had hidden lots of maths facts around the forest, we had to find them, solve them, complete a pictorial and write down their fact family. Our teachers were blown away with the work that we did!


We really do love our singing assemblies with Mrs Kimber in Year 4!


Look at our amazing published stories on display in the hall!
And Class Morpurgo too, look at the concentration on their faces!


We have loved publishing our short stories about the Misty Mountains in English, here are Class White in action!


Wow! What a Wow Week for readers in Class White again this week!


On Friday morning, Year 4 enjoyed using our Numicon to explore the inverse when adding and subtracting.


Class Morpurgo and Class White really enjoyed their Netball training again this week with Miss Paskin and Mrs Springall!


In Science, Year 4 have been investigating the question ‘Where does water go’? We discussed how to make it a fair test and where each wet cloth should be put. We then weighed them every 30 minutes to see if anything had changed. We discovered that the heat of the sun on the railings caused the water to evaporate but the water from the cloth in the Welly Shed did not evaporate as it was in the shade. Then, we really impressed our teachers with our knowledge of the water cycle from Year 3, we are great scientists!


We have been working so hard on our computing skills over the last two weeks, in week 1 we became part of a computer network ourselves! In week 2, we have used our newfound computing skills to browse the Internet and look at ordinance survey maps for key physical and human features in the Lake District.


Miss Paskin was so impressed with the amount of children who read 4 times or more in Class White this week!


We started our English lesson on Friday by testing each other on the spelling words that we had been learning all week, it was so much fun!


We loved getting competitive on Thursday during our P.E. lesson. Mrs Springall was very impressed with our teamwork and pivoting skills!


Once we had created our mountain range, we then used skipping ropes to show the contour lines of the mountains we had created.


We have been loving our Misty Mountain Sierra topic so far! On Tuesday, we used our bags to create our very own mountain ranges in our classes.


After sketching our mountains, we then sculpted them using clay. They looked very impressive!


Our first topic of the Year is Misty Mountain Sierra! We started the week by locating mountains around the world using our atlases. Excitingly, we then sketched our own mountains in our art books.


Year 4 really enjoyed starting our term by sharing our boxes filled with our Summer Adventures!​​​​

Please see our Parent Planner for Autumn 1: Misty Mountain Sierra Parent Planner which is full of exciting project ideas for the Misty Mountain Sierra! If you choose to complete a project, please bring this in no later than the 20th October. We look forward to seeing your exciting projects!

Welcome back to Year 4!

Autumn 1!