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Heathfields Infant & Wilnecote Junior

Heathfields Infant & Wilnecote Junior

Spring Term Year 4


Year 4 have been investigating the question: how does toothpaste protect our teeth? We found out that the fluoride in the toothpaste protects our teeth from decay although it doesn’t protect it from acidic substances like vinegar!
For the second part of this afternoon, year 4 have been looking at the question: how does toothpaste protect our teeth? We have covered eggs in toothpaste and added vinegar or water to see the impact that this has!
Year 4 have been observing the results of our experiment to see whether we can damage our teeth this afternoon. We have found out that vinegar causes the most damaged to our teeth and milk causes the least damage to our teeth and actually forms a protective layer!
Year 4 have had a switch up this morning and are taking part in Woodland English! We are hunting for fronted adverbials and sorting them into the correct type before using them in sentences!
Year 4 enjoyed some nice, relaxing yoga after our lovely creative afternoon on Friday!


Class Fine read The Fastest Boy in the Worldon World Book Day. Who had the most stamina to become the fastest boy/girl in class Fine?


Class Morpurgo took part in a scavenger hunt on World Book Day to find inspiration for their setting descriptions 🌳🐿


Class Fine were so ready for the magic of World Book Day! 🧙‍♂️


Class White were buzzing about world book day! 🪄⚡️


Class Morpurgo looking fab on world book day!


Year 4 are got very into investigating the different types of teeth in our mouths!

Please see our Parent Planner for Spring 2: Burps, Bottoms and Bile Parent Planner which is full of exciting project ideas for our topic: Burps, Bottoms and Bile! If you choose to complete a project, please bring this in no later than the 8th April.  We look forward to seeing your exciting projects!

 Spring 2- Burps, Bottoms and Bile!

Year 4  loved using our teamwork skills when taking part in our funniest potato competition in PSHE!
Class Fine really thought about the key details when constructing their Norman castles for innovate day! 
We made excellent progress with our castles when we continued after lunch! We have even created working draw bridges! 🏰
Year 4 had a great start to Innovate Day, in the morning we used the saws and wood to create the infrastructure of our castles! 🪚🏰
Year 4 did such an amazing job of playing their violins to Surface Pressure from Encanto with Mrs Kimber! 💪🏼🎻
Year 4 enjoyed making our preposition posters using our dinosaurs and water to identify the prepositions we need!
We are so impressed with these two year 4 superstars who have enjoyed their English learning that much this week that they have decided to write their own instructions at home! Well done girls!
Year 4 really enjoyed their woodland maths, shopping and working out their change.
Well done to these bookworms from Class White!
Well done to these year 4 superstars who have won a Forest Friday Award!
Class Fine are now fully trained squires!
Class White are absolutely loved our Forest Friday!
Class White loved our second activity, we used natural materials to create a boat to hold the dinosaurs! We then had to see if our boat would survive Hurricane Paskin!
Great start to Forest Friday. Class Morpurgo made animal feeders for the creatures in our woodland.


Year 4 really enjoyed publishing our diary entries!


Year 4 really came alive whilst acting out the roles of different Kings during the Norman Conquest!
Class White are so proud of our Viking sketches!


Year 4 enjoyed our Woodland Maths session on Wednesday, we practiced column addition and subtraction as well as the grid method for multiplication!


Year 4 showed amazing balancing skills in Gymnastics. It was great to see so many children so enthusiastic about being active!


Year 4 absolutely loved our spelling lesson on Tuesday, we used sand, pipe cleaners, play dough and magnetic letters to practice our spelling words!


Year 4 loved our first Woodland Maths of 2022, we were sequencing and rounding numbers!


Year 4 created an invasion timeline on our topic working wall. We used our ICT skills to find out facts from the Romans to the Normans and created our class timeline, we are very proud of our work!


Year 4 are enjoyed completing our historical enquiry to find out about what life was like in Roman Britain!

Please see our Parent Planner for Spring 1: Invasion Parent Planner which is full of exciting project ideas for our topic Invasion! If you choose to complete a project, please bring this in no later than the 15th February.  We look forward to seeing your exciting projects!

Spring 1- Invasion!